History of the APAQ

History of the Association

In 1965 was founded the first professional association of hearing aids acoustician of Quebec. Among the goals sought by its founders, there was a desire to better define the role and responsibilities of practitioners. The association at that time had around 100 members.

The Professional Association of Audioprosthologist of Quebec (better known in French as l'APAQ) was born in September 1981 with the instigation of a few audioprosthologist, including its former president and founder Pierre Bergeron. The PAAQ was created to defend the interests of hearing-aid acousticians, to encourage the exchange of ideas on various aspects of the profession and to give more visibility to the professionals in Quebec. The membership has grown steadily since its inception, to the point that, since 2005, the association represents 100% of hearing-aid acousticians who practice in Quebec.

Many passionate hearing-aid acousticians gave generously of their time and effort in order to allow the association to actively pursue its mission and to contribute to the evolution of the profession in a constantly changing regional, national and global context. Many presidents have passed the torch since the founding of the association: notably Pierre Bergeron, Jean Marie Boivin, Daniel Roy, Marie Trudel, Sophie Gagnon, Pierre Vallee, Christian Milot, Valérie Spino and now, Bruno Gaudette.

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APAQ - Association des audioprothésistes du Québec

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