Hearing-aid acoustician training

Hearing-aid acoustician training

Training of the hearing-aid acoustician in Quebec

Before 1973, the year which the OAQ (Ordre des audioprothésistes du Québec) came into existence, the only available training was given by pears and manufacturers of hearing aids through educational credits. The establishment of the OAQ gave base for the establishment of a structured training which is unique in North America. Thus, since the early 80s, the main gateway which leads to the profession and right to practice consists of obtaining a college diploma which specializes in hearing aids. This training is only provided by the College de Rosemont, located in Montreal, and the College de La Pocatière, located in La Pocatière.

The right to membership and to practice the profession is only given by the OAQ to holders of this college degree or to those who hold equivalent education and training obtained outside the province of Québec which is recognized by the OAQ.

The Québec colleges’ program in hearings aid acoustics last 3 years and covers in great details all the aspects of the profession. Originally introduced in 1981, the current program has undergone a major overhaul in 1997 that gave it its current structure which is now based on competence.

Les stages sont effectués dans différents bureaux d'audioprothésistes partout au Québec. *

La réussite de l'Épreuve uniforme de français et de l'épreuve synthèse de programme est obligatoire pour l'obtention du DEC.

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